Campus Workouts

The campus workouts for Fall 2014 have been updated! Please take a look if you are a student member.

Also, congratulations to Raphael, Sara, and Kenny who raced at Tri the Rez last weekend! Triswoop!

Our next FCTC race will be in Clermont on Nov. 2nd.


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Annnnd We’re Back!

First of all, I hope all returning students and faculty have had an outstanding summer. It truly pains me to not be reappearing with those who have been traveling abroad or have spent summer at home with family. HOWEVER, I am very excited for what this school year has in store for all of you.

To the new students, faculty, or Jax residents now following the site– welcome! 

An on-campus meeting has been scheduled for this Friday, Sept. 5th at 7 PM. The location will be the UNF Starbucks. Remember, you will not get ticketed after 5 PM on Fridays.  If you do not reside on-campus, plan to park near/in the Fine Arts garage. 

I will post the Fall 2014 race schedule to the site under the correct tab after Friday’s meeting. 

Also, I’d like to make a shout-out to Raphael Patino. He is officially the President of UNF Triathlon and will be leading Triswoop to glorious victory this season. Please direct all questions to him when emailing or messaging on social media. 

All the Best,


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Meeting 4/18

 I have re-scheduled our final meeting to be on Friday the 18th at 4:00 PM. Same location ( UNF Starbucks). 

 If you can’t make it by that time I will be in Starbucks until 6:30/7 PM and will have meeting overviews and officer descriptions/applications to pick up.

REMINDER: If you ARE interested in a possible officer positions with the club (great experience) please attend the meeting or see me ASAP!


To find the event on FACEBOOK click HERE.

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Sunday Meeting

 Unfortunately the Sunday Final Meeting (4/13/14)  has been cancelled. Until next time! 



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Last Spring Semester Meeting


Our last meeting for this term will be held on Sunday, April 13th at 5 PM. We will be located at the UNF Starbucks by the Thomas G. Carpenter library. Meeting should only last 45 minutes, but I will be available for discussion and review until 7 PM. 

If you are interested in a leadership position, new sponsorship, or club involvement this is a meeting you do NOT want to miss!


Please RSVP via our  FB EVENT PAGE or feel free to email me at


- Sloanedawg

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Great Clermont Championship 2014

Great Clermont Championship 2014

Congratulations to Dustin Beller for taking 2nd overall collegiate and Josh Stephens for taking 4th overall collegiate! Also, Raphael and Dillon did some good work placing in the upper half! Triswoop Guys take 2nd in the men’s FCTC category. The race results section will be updated soon. What a way to end this race season! Thanks to those past and present supporters who were there for the race or have worked with Triswoop. We appreciate all you have done :)

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Meeting Summary



2/9/14 Meeting Recap

  • If you haven’t paid dues and want a shirt, water bottle, the team training plan, carpooling or lodging…pay your dues!
  • If you plan on competing March 2nd and/or March 27th…make sure you are a USAT member or buy the day pass.
  • We train every Monday at 5 pm, Tuesday at 7 am, and there will be weekly garage runs at 5:30 pm on Friday. 
  • Biking and swimming information can be found on the FB group page or through emailing me (Sloane). 
  • I need people to read the email about Homecoming events. I will post the events on the FB group page for you all to RSVP. If you do not have a Facebook, please email me with the events you would like to be a part of. 
  • We are looking for members who wish to step up and take on a leadership position. Message an officer for more details.


Our next meeting will be in May. Please be on the look-out for an email and meeting post in the future.


Also, I still need everyone competing in either Clermont race to message me so we can discuss travel and logistics.

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